A few years ago, Stephen was really into trains. This was because of Thomas The Tank Engine, but he would get excited whenever we got stopped by a train. The last job I had (as of this writing) was near a pretty busy train track. There were times when we get Amtrak passenger trains going by, but for the most part we got a lot of regular freight trains.

One day I decided to record a train going by. I was probably headed to get some lunch or something and just decided to not head in the other direction when I saw the train. Stephen watched the video once and shortly after that I discovered that he was no longer enamored with trains. However, I still have the original video up on YouTube.

Earlier today, I discovered that YouTube has very basic video editing capabilities built into the site. I decided to play around with the original train video and added a song called “train-track” by a punk band called Wetdog. I think it is pretty cool, especially when the music runs out but the video doesn’t. I think there is something slightly poignant about sitting at a train crossing when there’s no train.

Let me know what you think.

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