Derek Coward on July 25th, 2009

Keeping with the tradition of me posting birthday wishes late, my oldest child Jaymie turned 27 this week. That makes me feel older than all the aches, pains and gray hairs combined. But that’s a good “old” feeling. She has always had the uncanny ability to make me feel old for no reason. Once I […]

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Derek Coward on November 29th, 2008

This is a picture of my grandmother, my granddaughter Gabryale, my daughter Jaymie, my mother and me.  It was taken by my other daughter Jazmyn on Thanksgiving 2008.  I have no idea why it was datestamped 6/16/2007. This was the first time that Gabryale had met my mother and grandmother. At first she didn’t want […]

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